S7 E2 ∙ Stoke Me a Clipper ∙

More crazy space capers. Ace Rimmer, Rimmer's much more dashing alter ego, returns! But when he arrives on Starbug, the crew find him fatally wounded.


Contains Sexual Themes

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S7 E3 · Ouroboros

Lister's ex-girlfriend Kristine Kochanski reappears when two realities converge.

S7 E4 · Duct Soup

The crew are forced to crawl through a labyrinth of service ducts to restart the engines.

S7 E5 · Blue

Lister seeks psychiatric help from Kryten when he begins to miss Rimmer.

S7 E7 · Epideme

When an intelligent virus infects Lister, he tries to sweet-talk it into not killing him.