S2 E1 ∙

Documentary series. Legendary train driver Bernie Baker needs all the diesel muscle he can muster when he takes five Streamliner locos on an epic odyssey across the outback.

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S2 E1

Documentary series. Legendary train driver Bernie Baker embarks on an epic odyssey across the outback.

S2 E2

Documentary series. Bernie's odyssey goes horribly wrong as two veteran locomotives risk destruction.

S2 E3

Documentary series. James wants to drive a diesel locomotive that he's been renovating for 20 years.

S2 E4

Documentary series. Learner driver James must survive the punishing Cockatoo run and his instructor's anger.

S2 E5

Documentary series. Four extreme train enthusiasts in Sydney tackle the All Stations Challenge.

S2 E6

Documentary series. Bernie puts together the first-ever Streamliners festival... but could it be washed out?

S2 E7

Documentary series. A retooled grain train springs leaks, and Bernie's Streamliner festival faces disaster.

S2 E8

Documentary series. A crack team in Victoria races to build the state's VLocity trains of the future.

S2 E9

Documentary series. A new V/Line VLocity train is driven to its limits to pass its final test.

S2 E10

Documentary series. Pacific National's Steel Train battles the Nullarbor to deliver its vital cargo.

S2 E11

Documentary series. A group of trainee train drivers faces the reality of life on the lines.

S2 E12

Documentary series. John Mackie takes on a hellish job, Wilmar Sugar race to repair cyclone-destroyed tracks.

S2 E13

Documentary series. The sugar train is desperate to hit its deadline for the first cane harvest of the year.