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All episodes for series 2 of Meet the Richardsons

S2 E1

The couple embrace life in lockdown, and Lucy gets in touch with an old flame.

S2 E2

Jon works on a project with Sally Phillips, and Lucy tries to reignite the passion in her marriage.

S2 E3

Jon and Lucy throw a wedding anniversary party, and Lucy manages to insult Sally Phillips.

S2 E4

Lucy works with Rob Beckett, and Sally Phillips helps the couple with their sex life.

S2 E5

Jon tries to sell the house to Kevin McCloud, and Russell Howard reveals Jon's drug use.

S2 E6

Jon tries to meet Marcelo Bielsa, Alex Brooker visits, and Lucy meets Mrs Barbara Nice.

S2 E7

Craig Charles comes to look at the house. Jessica Knappett pulls out of Lucy's sitcom.

S2 E8

It's Jon's birthday, Lucy's sitcom is about to be filmed, and the Richardsons are moving.