S1 E4 ∙

The court sees some celebrity scandal, as Blue stars Duncan James and Anthony Costa clash over a Brit Award. Two passionate siblings battle over some pooey property.


Contains Strong Language

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S1 E1

Judge Romesh presides over a batch of hilarious, but real, cases.

S1 E2

A kids' entertainer is dragged from the court and a singer battles with his dancer.

S1 E3

In the most shocking case yet, two friends fight over money and girls.

S1 E4

Blue stars Duncan James and Anthony Costa clash over the rightful ownership of an award.

S1 E5

Two friends seek the Judge's ruling after a rude prank causes lasting damage.

S1 E6

Musical legends Shaun Ryder and Bez, are locked in a clash over cash.

S1 E7

Judge Romesh dishes out justice for a rapper and a video producer locked in a battle.

S1 E8

A wife brings her husband to court over his obsession with a 'classic' car.

S1 E9

A prankster boyfriend's jokes have gone too far with his girlfriend - and with the Judge!

S1 E10

A man's 60 plus stag do's have come between him and his fiancee.