S1 E1 ∙ California's Bullards Dam ∙

Documentary series. The Extreme Heights Repair Team place 13 targets on one of America's tallest dams in three days, then install bird sensors on a wind turbine.

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S1 E2 · San Francisco

Documentary series. Trask and his team scale the Sutro Tower in San Francisco to reach high cable junctions.

S1 E3 · AlamoDome

Documentary series. Trask and his team head to the iconic Space Needle in Seattle to fix an ageing basket.

S1 E4 · Forest Bridge

Documentary series. The crew tackle a California bridge during wildfire season and grain elevators in Kansas.

S1 E5 · Pegasus/Coaster

Documentary series. Trask and his crew tackle one of the world's largest bronze statues in Florida.

S1 E6 · Frying Pan Tower

Documentary series. A decommissioned and rusting lighthouse off of Cape Fear in North Carolina needs help.