S1 E6 ∙

Jack must face up to his past mistakes when he is asked to help a young woman who is a professional athlete navigate a sports doping accusation.


Contains Mature Themes

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S1 E1

Retired British nurse Joan teams up with retired Australian detective Darby to probe a suspicious death.

S1 E2

Darby and Joan take a detour to help a friend of Darby's and investigate a theft at his banana farm.

S1 E3

Joan is overwhelmed by new details about her late husband's past and desperately needs space from Jack.

S1 E4

Joan's first Australian Christmas is put on hold after a scuba dive goes horribly wrong.

S1 E5

Sparks fly when Jack and Joan have to share a hotel room in a small-town pub on New Year's Eve.

S1 E6

Jack faces his past mistakes when he is asked to help a professional athlete facing a doping accusation.

S1 E7

Jack and Joan's search for a missing boy is complicated by the sudden arrival of Joan's daughter Rebecca.

S1 E8

The return of a familiar figure from her travels enables Joan to piece together the truth about her husband.