S2 E13 ∙

After shooting three men at random, troubled Indianapolis teen Jonathan Cruz claimed he wanted to recreate The Purge.


Contains Sexual Themes and Violence

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S2 E1

James Eagan Holmes killed 12 people and claimed to be the Joker from the Batman movies.

S2 E2

Joshua Cooke said he was convinced he lived in The Matrix after murdering his parents.

S2 E3

Iraq veteran Jason Hart used Breaking Bad as inspiration when he murdered his girlfriend.

S2 E4

14-year-old student shooter Michael Carneal claimed he was inspired by The Basketball Diaries.

S2 E5

American serial killer Nathaniel White took his inspiration from Robocop.

S2 E6

17-year old Jake Evans wanted to recreate one brutal scene from Rob Zombie's Halloween remake.

S2 E7

20 year-old Jason Bautista was inspired by The Sopranos to embark on a grisly crime.

S2 E8

The catchphrase from Child's Play was used to horrifying effect in Suzanne Capper's murder.

S2 E9

Clint Eastwood's film Dirty Harry inspired Dale Pierre and his friends to plan a deadly crime.

S2 E10

16-year-old Allan Bentley reenacted a torturous scene from the film Reservoir Dogs.

S2 E11

X-Men fan Jed Allen's obsession with the character Wolverine let to a brutal triple murder.

S2 E12

New York history teacher Albert Fentress committed a murder inspired by the film Deliverance.

S2 E13

Troubled Indianapolis teen Jonathan Cruz wanted to recreate The Purge.

S2 E14

Sean Sellers was inspired to re-enact the character of Damien from The Omen.

S2 E15

Comparing themselves to characters in Billionaire Boys Club, two brother commit murder.

S2 E16

Leonard Lake and his partner-in-crime Charles Ng build a bunker, where they imprison almost two-dozen women.

S2 E17

When Erin Caffey begins dating the town bad boy, her parents disapprove - with murderous results.

S2 E18

George Hennard's hatred of women culminates in the tragic slaughter of a restaurant full of customers.

S2 E19

Janice Orndoff kills her husband in a supposed act of self-defence.

S2 E20

When Marcin Kasprzak's girlfriend left him, he copied a horrific scene from Kill Bill and buried her alive.