S21 E42 ∙

Will Andy succeed in breaking up Alfie and Kat? Chrissie sets a trap for Den and Spencer makes a sacrifice for Kelly.

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S21 E1

Alfie holds a 70s Night in the Vic. Dennis starts working for Andy.

S21 E2

Sharon tries to understand why Dennis killed someone.

S21 E3

The Watts family is in turmoil as Den cannot accept Dennis's relationship with Sharon.

S21 E4

Den pulls out all the stops to make sure that he gets what he wants.

S21 E5

Derek, Pauline, Jim, Dot, Patrick and Yolande head off for their holidays.

S21 E6

Derek reflects on his past.

S21 E7

Martin prepares to face a terrible task.

S21 E8

Martin is rocked by Pauline's revelation.

S21 E9

Dennis is set a challenge by Andy as Alfie prepares to face the music.

S21 E10

Kat realises the extent of Alfie's predicament.

S21 E11

Albert Square says its final farewells to Mark Fowler.

S21 E12

Minty makes a grave error of judgement regarding Sam.

S21 E13

Janine's act of spite leaves Laura reeling.

S21 E14

Laura's pride takes another battering.

S21 E15

Laura humiliates Janine, leading to a bitter cat fight.

S21 E16

Pat faces an horrific shock.

S21 E17

Has Janine's luck finally run out when Pat has the chance to settle an old score?

S21 E18

As the net starts to close in Janine realises she could be in serious trouble.

S21 E19

Has Janine cried wolf once too often as she pleads her innocence to Natalie?

S21 E20

Realising she has nowhere else to turn a desperate Janine tries to flee Walford.

S21 E21

Will Kat's sacrifice buy Alfie some more time?

S21 E22

Time's running out for Alfie and Kat gets a nasty reminder from Andy.

S21 E23

It's the end of the line for Alfie but will he get a last minute reprieve?

S21 E24

Will Alfie find the money in time to save Kat from Andy?

S21 E25

Pat struggles to deal with a shock discovery.

S21 E26

Garry swears Pat to secrecy.

S21 E27

Den forces Ian come to terms with some shocking news.

S21 E28

Ian realises he's got to fight for what's his.

S21 E29

Andy hands Alfie an unexpected welcome home present.

S21 E30

Alfie and Kat struggle to keep their marriage alive.

S21 E31

Andy is made to realise he won't get everything his own way.

S21 E32

Vicki celebrates her 18th birthday while Chrissie's suspicions about Den increase.

S21 E33

As Nana enjoys her hen party, Wilfred plans a surprise to prove he loves her.

S21 E34

Will the wedding go ahead as Alfie makes a shocking discovery about Wilfred?

S21 E35

Will Alfie succeed in getting Wilfred to face Nana?

S21 E36

As Dot and Pauline's bickering becomes unbearable Sonia and Martin take drastic action.

S21 E37

Will Dot and Pauline manage to find the whereabouts of Martin and Sonia in time?

S21 E38

Can Jim convince Martin and Sonia to come home for the wedding?

S21 E39

Alfie's forced to make a big decision.

S21 E40

An old friend arrives as the Square prepares for a wedding.

S21 E41

Can Alfie and Kat repair the wide ravine between them?

S21 E42

Will Andy succeed in breaking up Alfie and Kat?

S21 E43

Chrissie prepares her revenge as a night of high drama begins.

S21 E44

After a dramatic night Kat assumes the worst.

S21 E45

Residents of the Square come out to enjoy the Bridge Street Centenary Fair.

S21 E46

Frivolity soon turns to fear at the fair.

S21 E47

The community rallies together as disaster strikes at the Centenary Fair.

S21 E48

As the nightmare of the Centenary Fair fades the community look for someone to blame.

S21 E49

Garry tries to console a grieving Lynne.

S21 E50

Gus turns to Patrick for help.

S21 E51

Can Patrick persuade Juley to do the right thing?

S21 E52

Garry hopes their baby's funeral will bring him and Lynne closer together.

S21 E53

Billy and Minty unite to enlighten Sam about Andy.

S21 E54

The Square says goodbye to a Walford veteran.

S21 E55

Andy acts fast to scupper Billy's plans with Sam.

S21 E56

Andy and Sam try to sort out their differences.

S21 E57

Chrissie puts Den on a warning, as Charlie is suckered into Mickey and Mo's latest scam.

S21 E58

Kate pressures Den to put Chrissie out of her misery.

S21 E59

Kate's left reeling after a revelation from Chrissie.

S21 E60

Den forces Kate to face the truth about their relationship, pushing her to make a choice.

S21 E61

Garry's pushed to breaking point when he gets some more bad news from Lynne.

S21 E62

Can Minty arrive in time to save Garry?

S21 E63

Patrick and Yolande's wedding is full of surprises.

S21 E64

Dot receives some shocking news.

S21 E65

Den is forced to make a choice.

S21 E66

Kate takes action as guilt gets the better of her.

S21 E67

Chrissie finally puts all the pieces of the jigsaw together.

S21 E68

Chrissie cooly takes her revenge.

S21 E69

Kat's demons come back to haunt her.

S21 E70

Zoe resolves to take action to avenge Kat.

S21 E71

Zoe's quest leaves her way out of her depth.

S21 E72

Dennis makes a tough choice about his future.

S21 E73

The Stakes are raised when Den invites Andy around for a game of poker.

S21 E74

Will a fearful Dot be able to share her secret with a close friend?

S21 E75

Paul finds coaching the basketball team trickier than he first thought.

S21 E76

Dot returns to hospital for her test results.

S21 E77

Has Paul jeopardised Patrick and Yolande's chances of fostering by angering Ian?

S21 E78

Patrick attempts to stop Ian going to the social services about Paul but will he succeed?

S21 E79

Ian takes a chance on finding new romance.

S21 E80

Den's confident about his plan to scam Andy and the bookies but Pat is less certain.

S21 E81

Den finds himself ostracised by his closest allies.

S21 E82

Den crosses a line and is pushed out into the cold.

S21 E83

Den and Dot force each other to examine their relationships with others.

S21 E84

Jim's devastated when he hears about Dot's illness.

S21 E85

Jim struggles to lie about Dot's illness.

S21 E86

Will Jim be able to keep Dot's illness a secret?

S21 E87

Dot prepares to have her operation.

S21 E88

Ian faces the prospect of a cafe without Jane.

S21 E89

Mickey's family, the Millers, arrive on the Square.

S21 E90

Derek tries to broker a peace with the Millers while Pauline bays for blood.

S21 E91

Keith Miller learns not to get on the wrong side of Dennis

S21 E92

Rosie Miller's birthday BBQ brings the whole Square out.

S21 E93

Minty puts his heart on the line with Sam.

S21 E94

Andy's shocked when Sam admits she has doubts about their wedding.

S21 E95

Peggy causes a stir at the wedding.

S21 E96

Minty tries to tell Peggy the truth about Andy.

S21 E97

Minty and Billy come to blows, as Jane turns a blackout to her advantage.

S21 E98

Martin faces Sarah, as Ronny deals with his brothers' anger.

S21 E99

Sarah scuppers Martin's surprise for Sonia.

S21 E100

Sarah fakes an accident to meet Sonia, but still doesn't give up.

S21 E101

It's Billy's Video Quiz Night at the Vic - will Alfie cope without Kat?

S21 E102

Garry thinks he's got a poltergeist.

S21 E103

Andy decides it's about time he got his hands on Sam's money.

S21 E104

Alfie hurtles towards breaking-point.

S21 E105

Sarah sends Martin on a treasure hunt around the Square.

S21 E106

Andy's not happy when Minty gets more involved in Sam's legal affairs.

S21 E107

Alfie relives his past as he goes on the pull.

S21 E108

Sam and Andy come to blows as she discovers what kind of man her husband really is.

S21 E109

Sonia's not answering her mobile and Martin's getting worried.

S21 E110

There's a green-eyed monster at the Watts' breakfast table.

S21 E112

Pauline hears Sarah out - but just how much will she believe?

S21 E113

Martin suspects Pauline's fall was not an accident.

S21 E114

Alfie's excited about Kat's return and lovingly prepares a surprise.

S21 E115

Martin's world crumbles as his explanations to the police fall on deaf ears.

S21 E116

Sarah's obsession drives her to desperate measures.

S21 E117

Billy's determined to move on from Little Mo.

S21 E118

Alfie asks Zoe to help with Kat, but her kind of therapy isn't quite what he had in mind.

S21 E119

Demi plans her biggest scam yet, but this time the joke's on her.

S21 E121

Charlie prepares for Little Mo's return for the first day of her court case.

S21 E122

Little Mo faces Graham in court.

S21 E123

Billy takes the witness stand and brings the courtroom to a standstill.

S21 E124

Alfie is forced to make a heartbreaking decision.

S21 E125

Billy and Little Mo struggle to face the world after the trial.

S21 E126

An impromptu fashion show helps Chrissie see Tommy in a different light.

S21 E127

Den is back in Walford, but has Chrissie's attitude softened?

S21 E129

Den meets Tommy for the first time and is rocked by Vicki's sudden announcement.

S21 E130

Chrissie's getting confusing signals from someone too close to home.

S21 E131

It's the morning after the night before and Tommy has a proposition for Chrissie.

S21 E132

Keith introduces some unorthodox tactics on the pitch.

S21 E133

Den gives Tommy a parting gift he'll never forget.

S21 E134

Dennis wants to make a commitment but will his proposition be accepted?

S21 E135

Zoe's dreams are shattered as her new love next becomes a battleground.

S21 E136

Dennis demands the truth about Zoe's bruises.

S21 E137

Ronny receives a life-changing letter.

S21 E138

Zoe carries out her threat to talk to Den.

S21 E139

Dennis has a new admirer, but Sharon is still quietly confident.

S21 E140

Zoe sees red when she walks in on an attempted seduction.

S21 E141

Patrick and Yolande face the foster panel for the last time.

S21 E142

Sam tries to keep her honeymoon going until a visitor brings worrying news.

S21 E144

Zoe tries to track down Dennis - is she paranoid or is she onto something?

S21 E145

The Pub of the Year judges are in the Vic.

S21 E146

Stacey sets a trap for Sharon and Dennis.

S21 E147

Stacey is thrown out of the Slaters' to face an icy reunion with her mum.

S21 E149

After a night in the cells, Paul faces his worst nightmare.

S21 E150

Paul comes under increasing pressure as Andy's plans change.

S21 E151

Patrick pleads with Paul not to let his life spiral out of control.

S21 E152

Den makes an announcement as Derek battles to keep the Nativity on track.

S21 E153

As the Watts gather for a family Christmas, dinner at the Vic does not go to plan.

S21 E154

Zoe, Dennis and Sharon face life-changing decisions.

S21 E156

Dennis begins to have second thoughts about his future with Zoe.

S21 E157

Den seizes an opportunity to manipulate Dennis.

S21 E158

The arrival of two strangers on the Square spells trouble for Alfie and Spencer.

S21 E159

Zoe begins to panic and seeks advice from Den about her predicament.

S21 E160

It's New Year on the market and Alfie tries to keep Danny and Jake away from Spencer.

S21 E161

A stranger arrives on the Square enquiring as to the whereabouts of Jake and Danny.

S21 E162

Dennis and Andy broker a deal over the club.

S21 E163

Den receives some devastating news about Sharon.

S21 E164

Under increasing pressure from Den, Zoe is forced into make a decision.

S21 E165

Desperate, Zoe tries her seduction technique out on someone other than Dennis.

S21 E167

Alfie celebrates his new job and there's good news for all in the Vic.

S21 E168

The Slaters prepare for Freddie's christening.

S21 E169

In the aftermath of the christening Billy makes a momentous decision.

S21 E170

Zoe takes a pregnancy test and is forced to take a dangerous course of action.

S21 E171

Dennis is left reeling following his shocking discovery.

S21 E172

The Moons make a shocking discovery about Nana.

S21 E173

Patrick receives some devastating news about Paul.

S21 E174

Tensions run high at the Truemans.

S21 E175

Little Mo and Billy's marriage is in trouble.

S21 E177

It's Zoe's 21st birthday and she receives an unwanted gift.

S21 E178

Tensions run high at Paul's funeral as Patrick struggles to deal with his grief.

S21 E179

Zoe's torn when Chrissie and Den offer her conflicting advice.

S21 E180

Chrissie plans to humiliate Den and Zoe at the vow renewal.

S21 E181

Den increases his hold over Zoe and Zoe turns to Sonia for advice.

S21 E182

Chrissie and Den's vow renewal takes an unexpected turn.

S21 E183

Zoe's deliberation reaches a dramatic conclusion.

S21 E184

Chrissie's plans are threatened when Sam and Zoe discover the truth.

S21 E185

Sam and Chrissie's plans for revenge crash.

S21 E186

Chrissie and Sam fight to get Zoe onside.

S21 E187

Chrissie, Sam and Zoe play their trump card with shocking results from Den.

S21 E188

Chrissie begins to deal with her actions.

S21 E189

Chrissie, Sam and Zoe struggle to maintain normality as the police arrive on the Square.

S21 E190

Chrissie's forced to take control as Zoe begins to lose it.

S21 E191

Sam sets her sights on the Vic but is Chrissie playing fair?

S21 E192

A guilt ridden Zoe reaches breaking point.

S21 E193

Chrissie has plans for Zoe but will Sam prevent her from carrying them through?

S21 E194

Sam sees through Chrissie's plan to con her.

S21 E195

Danny is shocked to discover Jake's involvement in Andy's demise.

S21 E196

Good news for Pat spells further misery for Sam.

S21 E197

Billy looks in danger of losing everything.

S21 E198

Conflict in the Vic proves that Chrissie is finding life difficult to deal with.

S21 E199

Pat attends Andy's funeral and Johnny lends a sympathetic ear.

S21 E200

Chrissie's hand is forced as Sam's power over Zoe increases.

S21 E201

News of Mickey's mugging spreads through the Square.

S21 E202

A new resident moves into the Square.

S21 E203

A gorgeous new arrival on the Square makes a big impression on the men of Walford.

S21 E204

Chrissie attempts to call a truce with Sam.

S21 E205

Johnny is stunned to discover his daughter Ruby, on the Square.

S21 E206

The Ferreiras reach the end of the road with Johnny and take emergency action.

S21 E207

Sonia is tempted to visit Chloe, despite the mounting tension between her and Martin.

S21 E208

Sonia traps herself in more lies when she finally pays a secret visit to her daughter.

S21 E209

Rosie desperately tries to smarten up the Millers' act.

S21 E210

Rosie leaves Keith in charge at home.

S21 E211

Sonia and Martin clash over Chloe.

S21 E212

Martin persuades Sonia to reveal her identity to Chloe's grandmother.