S2 E2 ∙

Freddy plays a dangerous game when internet troll Shannon McBride threatens to bring her down, while Jackson and Lola close in on main suspect, Robert Miller.


Contains Strong Language and Violence

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S2 E1

A mystery killer with links to Freddy Lane strikes.

S2 E2

Freddy plays a dangerous game when an internet troll threatens to bring her down.

S2 E3

The hunt for serial killer The Birdman intensifies.

S2 E4

Freddy's games with The Birdman take an unexpected turn as Jackson is confronted with a crisis.

S2 E5

Haunted by visions from her past, Freddy makes a deadly confession.

S2 E6

Freddy, Jackson and Lola race to unmask the killer once and for all.