S1 E4 ∙

Ex-Doctor Who companion Louise Jameson has a tough old time of it in the gripping drama series set in a World War II POW camp. New Dutch women prisoners arrive at the camp.

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S1 E1

The lives of British women in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp.

S1 E2

It is December 1941, and the Japanese continue their advance southwards.

S1 E3

The women are marched to their internment camp.

S1 E4

A group of Dutch women prisoners arrive at the camp laden with possessions.

S1 E5

Antagonism between the British and Dutch women grows.

S1 E6

Rumour has it that some Red Cross parcels have arrived at the camp.

S1 E7

As Sally approaches giving birth, she comes increasingly to rely on Nellie.

S1 E8

Boredom and frustration with camp life drive Blanche to take a dramatic decision.

S1 E9

Captain Yamauchi spells out his conditions for agreeing to release Blanche.

S1 E10

Preparations to celebrate Christmas are under way.